What to do in the Bahamas

Bahamas beaches, Bahamas water sports and boating in the Bahamas are major attractions. The sheltered and crystal clear waters of the 750-mile-long Bahamas archipelago attract thousands of yachters, snorkelers, divers and beach buffs each year. The Bahamas Blue Holes and Caves are famous worldwide. Bahamas Blue Holes are caves or sinkholes that contain both freshwater and saltwater and enclosed by land or sea.

In addition to the beach and water attractions, visit the forts in the Bahamas, Bahamas historical sites, art galleries in the Bahamas, the many Bahamas national parks, Bahamas museums, Blue Holes and Caves.

There are many opportunities to enjoy the culture of the Bahamas through the many Bahamas festivals. Take in the colorful Bahamas Junkanoo street celebrations, which feature rhythmic dance, elaborate costumes and island music. Junkanoo is the most popular folk art expression in The Bahamas. It was a Pan Caribbean Festival that was held by the slaves in The Bahamas during the 16th and 17th centuries.

Bahamas resorts, including Atlantis in the Bahamas, are famous worldwide and offer every kind of family entertainment ranging from casino to a waterpark and water features that compete with Disney water parks in terms of fun rides and activities.

Religious worship and church activities are important part of the Bahamian culture and reflect the diversity of the country. Protestant Christian denominations are the majority, but there are also significant Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic populations and smaller communities of Jewish, Baha’l Jehovah’s Witness and Muslim populations. Faith-based festivals like the annual Greek Festival and Junkanoo Festival in Nassau which feature Bahama fish frys, music, street dancing and parades are very popular. Grab hands and join in on the traditional dances – it’s all about crowd participation.