Bariatric surgeryBariatric surgery is a group of related surgeries that aim at helping people lose weight in a consistent and sustainable manner. It is strongly advised to consider bariatric surgery as a last resort, after having exhausted other options, such as dieting and exercising over a reasonable period of time, due to the invasiveness of the surgery.

Every patient needs to be in good health and meet certain criteria before being considered a candidate for bariatric surgery. A physical exam is also required. Only a surgeon specialized in bariatric surgery can decide what type or types of bariatric surgery are appropriate for each patient.

All three types of bariatric surgery reduce the amount of food that the person needs to ingest before feeling full, which in turn results in long term weight loss.

Gastric Bypass

In this procedure, the surgeon divides the stomach in two parts and connects the intestines to the first half.

Gastric Band

In this procedure, the surgeon creates a small stomach pouch with the use of a band that constricts the stomach.

Sleeve Gastrectomy

In this procedure, the surgeon removes part of the stomach, reducing its size.

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