Oncology/Cancer Treatment

Oncology is the field of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. A doctor that specializes in cancer treatment is called an oncologist.


Despite what many people believe, cancer is not a single disease, but rather a number of closely related diseases, each one with its own characteristics. That’s why there are several techniques for diagnosing cancer. The most common ones are:


Biopsy is the surgical removal of tissue (for example, liver tissue) in order to analyze it and look for cancerous cells.


A resection is similar to a biopsy, except that instead of sample tissue, a part of an organ or a tumor is removed.


Endoscopy is the insertion of a semi-rigid “cable” with a camera at the end for observation purposes.

X-rays, CT scanning, MRI scanning, PET scanning, Ultrasound scanning

These are several scanning and mapping techniques to know what’s inside a body organ.


Tomography is the mapping by layers of a body organ, used mostly for diagnosis and surgery preparation purposes.

Blood tests

Blood tests are often used as the first means of diagnosis as they are less intrusive than other methods.

With the information obtained from the tests, a treatment or a series of treatments are recommended. They typically involve surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and hormone manipulation. If you would like to discuss your cancer treatment needs with an oncologist from the Bahamas, please click here and fill out the form on this site. A participating oncologist from the Bahamas will contact you to discuss your medical case.

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