Orthodontics is a dental specialty that deals with the treatment of misaligned teeth and improper bites.

“Malocclusion” is the dental term for what is commonly known as “crooked teeth.” Malocclusions are caused by disproportionate jaw relationship, genetic tooth irregularity, or trauma. Most of the time, orthodontic treatments focus on displacement of teeth so that they are positioned in a more aesthetic and functional way. In a few cases, orthodontics treats facial growth.

Orthodontics uses several types of devices to treat malocclusions. They can be fixed or removable. A dentist can help you decide what type of devices are the best for your specific dental needs. The most common are:

Dental braces: Braces are devices that consist of bands, wires, and brackets. The bands are fixed around the tooth. The brackets are bonded to the front or back of the tooth and the wires go through the brackets and are attached to the bands. By tightening or loosing the wires, the tension of the teeth can be altered and this tension moves the teeth into the proper position. The wires are typically adjusted each month. After a period of months or a few years, the teeth are moved into the right position. Braces are the most common type of orthodontic devices.

Retainers: Retainers are removable devices used to prevent teeth from moving to their previous position or to an undesirable position. They can be worn on the top or the bottom of the mouth. They are often used after braces have been removed or in cases of mild malocclusions.

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