Hospitals in The Bahamas

Hospital FeaturedMedical tourists and a large population of expatriates are well served by two major hospitals in the Bahamas; one located in Freeport Grand Bahamas, and the other in Nassau.

Staying on top of the latest in medical technology and the latest in healthcare protocols has brought a great deal of attention to the new Bahamas Medical Center. Bahamas Medical Center is owned by Doctors Hospital in Nassau, the largest private hospital in the Bahamas.

The other islands have Bahamas medical clinics to serve the needs of tourists as well as Bahamas residents. The islands of Abaco, Andros, Exuma, Long Island and Eleuthera each have access to a ground ambulance service to assist with the transportation of medical emergencies to the health clinics.

Bahamas hospitals provide operating room suites, intensive care units, and emergency rooms. Medical facilities in the Bahamas are equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment necessary for emergency medicine, pathology, and radiology to accommodate both in-patient and outpatient needs.

The two major hospitals are located on two different islands; one in Freeport, Grand Bahama, and the other in Nassau, Bahamas. The other islands do not have hospitals; but instead rely on medical clinics for their medical care. These clinics do not have advanced technology like MRI’s and CT scans, so inter-island evacuation may be necessary. On the islands where there is no hospital, a patient’s care is more dependent upon the physician’s expertise and experience.

Many clinics, as well as hospitals have established networks with several Florida hospitals to make it easier to fly patients to the United States when necessary. However, the private hospitals of the Bahamas have proven to be world-renowned and recognized for the quality of care and advanced technology.


Agape Child & Adolescent Clinic
Work Phone: (242) 393-8571
Back to Health Chriopractic Clinic Contact: Dr. Milena M. Russel
Work Phone: (242) 393-8277
Base Road Medical Centre Walk in Clinic
Work Phone: (242) 322-4287
Children’s Heart Centre
Work Phone: (242) 702-4600
Crossing Rock Government Clinic
Work Phone: (242) 366-3257
Department of Public Health Clinic
Work Phone: (242) 324-3026
Doctors Hospital
Work Phone: (242) 302-4600
Eneas W V Clinic
Work Phone: (242) 328-0369
Landrail Point Community Clinic
Work Phone: (242) 344-2166
Lyford Cay Hospital – Bahamas Heart Institute
Work Phone: (242) 362-4400
Mason Bay Clinic
Work Phone: (242) 344-3539
Miriam Green Community Healthcare Centre
Work Phone: (242) 369-4849
Moore’s Island Community Clinic
Work Phone: (242) 366-6105
Princess Magaret Hospital
Work Phone: (242) 322-2861
Rand Memorial Hospital
Work Phone: (242) 350-6700 / (242) 346-6463
Spring Point Clinic
Work Phone: (242) 344-3172
The Children’s Clinic
Work Phone: (242) 394-8769
The New Sunrise Medical Center & Hospital
Work Phone: (242) 373-3333
Walk-In Clinic – Carmichael Road Clinic
Work Phone: (242) 341-1177