Questions: Bahamas Medical Guide


Q: What is Bahamas Medical Guide?

Bahamas Medical Guide is the #1 Source for Healthcare in the Bahamas. If you’re looking for Medical, Dental or Wellness providers in the Bahamas, we’re here to help you find the numerous healthcare options that Bahamas has to offer. Bahamas Medical Guide helps you find high-quality healthcare at huge savings.

Q: Does Bahamas Medical Guide provide medical advice or opinions?

Bahamas Medical Guide does not provide medical advice or opinions of any kind whatsoever.

Q: Does Bahamas Medical Guide do any background checks on doctors / medical facilities?

Bahamas Medical Guide does not endorse, guarantee or make any claims as to the level of proficiency or quality of any of the doctors, dentists, hospitals, medical facilities, medical or dental providers or of any other service or facility that is listed on this site. Seekers should research their providers and look for the necessary certifications and accreditations as well as ask questions directly of their providers.